I’m going to need more gels….

This is a big year for me. It’s exciting…and a little terrifying. The last year was filled with trials and tribulations and to some degree, literally. There were a few large personal hurdles that I had to face and with friends, family, time, money, and a lot of “therapy miles”; I made it through. Life … Continue reading

Winged Ling

Running is….

…Time to yourself Who ever said you can’t Run from your problems…  Running provides the perfect escape from all of life’s ups and downs. Work, family, finances…there are a million and one origins for stress. Some bring about good stress, others bring about bad. Stress can pile up and personal fitness can be neglected, but disregarding these … Continue reading

Winged Ling

Beat feet in the street

I went for a run on a favorite trail of mine a couple of weeks ago… It was blissful. I even ran a short while with a nice runner who had to run some east coast trail ultras. We talked some, then parted ways. People always reflect on how nice the trail running community is, … Continue reading

Winged Ling

The important decisions we have to make

Choices. They define us. Be productive or take the day off? Vote or not? Go to class or sleep in? Do the right thing or disregard morality? Leave the measurements or put the sticker on? I made my choice, now I have to live with it. I like to live dangerously. I just hope I … Continue reading

Winged Ling

Weather or not

Aside from bad puns hanging around, there has been a lot of foggy mornings as of late. Visibility has been poor, and I certainly have not enjoyed the drive to work. However… It is the perfect weather for disappearing into the woods for a few hours. The kind of adventure where one may get lost … Continue reading

Winged Ling

Run from your problems

Run from you problems. That is usually the opposite of what people say to do on the face of adversity. They’re wrong. Well, sometimes. A person of strong character should, and often does face their problems without shifting responsibility. However, sometimes a quick reaction is not always the most prudent. It is often necessary to … Continue reading