Winged Ling

The important decisions we have to make


They define us.
Be productive or take the day off?
Vote or not?
Go to class or sleep in?
Do the right thing or disregard morality?
Leave the measurements or put the sticker on?

I made my choice, now I have to live with it. I like to live dangerously.
I just hope I don’t water down some backpacker meal this summer.

Minor edit….
This was a dry humorous post. I have had some friends express confusion over this. Also….the watering down has to do with backpackers using nalgene bottles to measure the water for prepackaged meals.

UPDATE – 06/2015
So after updating my blog, I broke some links and lost some pictures..apparently I am not good at internetting. The original picture of my beloved sticker worn water bottle was lost, so instead I offer this charming picture of geese, waiting to get into a nice hotel.

No geese, you may not come in.

No geese, you may not come in.

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