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Beat feet in the street

I went for a run on a favorite trail of mine a couple of weeks ago…


It was blissful. I even ran a short while with a nice runner who had to run some east coast trail ultras. We talked some, then parted ways. People always reflect on how nice the trail running community is, and are very much correct as most individuals who go to find themselves in the woods and relax are often of a very singular mindset.

Trying to get long miles on the sidewalks lately has been an uphill battle, even though the terrain is flat as a pancake. Its so mind numbing it’s hard to get into a groove, and my training has suffered. Some days are like that I suppose.

My latest adventures have involved going out to Folsom and loping along on the trails. A few weeks ago my wife, son, and I went out there and had a wonderful time. They explored the beach while I went to get a nice 11 miles in. I remember feeling tired initially, but within minutes of being in the woods with the sun shining down, I felt alive.


I can run happily in the woods without music, accompanied by just the sounds around me, but in the city and the ‘burbs I start drooling on myself without my headphones.

There are times I envy those who has made running their life, and have been able to adjust their living arrangements to allow for back country, mountainous, scenic and serene trail runs every and any day they wish. For those of us with more traditional jobs and families that rely on those traditional jobs you have to get the miles in wherever and whenever you can, and for me that means running around the neighborhood. Even if it is as tough on the mind as it is on the feet. Oh, sure I would love to be a full-time ultramarathoner.

But I know I won’t, and I’m OK with that.

I will, however, feel accomplished for every mile I tick off. Everyday with a run is a good day and any race I complete – regardless of place – is a victory for me. It is a victory against aging, a victory against poor health, and another personal achievement that brings me personal fulfilment.

Plus if I don’t run I get squirrelly and drive my wife nuts.
Plus there’s beer at the end of every run…so…there’s always that, too

Beer of the week: Deschutes Abyss

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