2 thoughts on “Why the “Born to Run” movie is making a 10K out of a 100 miler.

  1. Couple of typos: greatful/grateful, flare/flair

    I run barefoot but I haven’t read BtR, though I have heard of Caballo. I mostly came accross the idea on the net and decided to give it a spin.

    McConaughey is a good choice and the man tends to get very involved, chances are he’ll have read the book, and he can pull rank over the scriptwriter. According to script writers Ted Eliott and Terry Rossio, stars always do that, and in this case might be a good thing.

    • I appreciate the edit suggestions, I am only as good as my spellchecker!

      I certainly hope that the actor/screenwriter hierarchy is true. As I stated in a Reddit conversation regarding this blog/essay/blogsay; Without a lot of the scientific, physiological, and “take it slow” anecdotal material in the book, I fear the movie will be a romanticized version of the romances version – a copy of a copy so to speak – and that will lead to (as stated in the blog essay) people shucking their shoes on saturday morning, and getting xrays on monday.

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