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Boy, that escalated quickly…

What a week.

Two Fridays ago I had a 20+ miler scheduled for Friday night, and a 10+ on Saturday, with a rest day on Sunday.

I got out of work late on Friday night, and got to Del Valle park later than anticipated. It was getting dark with only an hour of light to spare. It was the wife’s birthday on Saturday and we were scheduled to go to Yosemite for the weekend, so I knew I would not get all my miles in. So as the sun set, I went for it.

Carpe noctem.

It was a beautiful evening, and the locals were out. The cows stood there in the middle of the path and just would not mooove. So I ran around them. The way they stare is…..terrifying. It’s like they stare into your soul. Children of the COWrn.


I only got 11 miles in before it was time to get on the road for Yosemite…but as fate would have it, there was a surprise at mile 9. With my headlamp fading, and my mind elsewhere, my form failed me. I came down hard on a rock and did not counter. The pain was dull but immediate, fading for the last 2 miles. It really started to pick up later in the evening though.

Yosemite was nice, we got 9 miles hiking in with some good elevation, which I traded for my run.


We opted for the Vernal / Nevada Falls hike on the trailhead of the John Muir Trail. It was sunny and cool, perfect weather for a hike. With over 1000 feet of climb on a relatively short distance, great waterfall and valley views, it makes for a nice afternoon. The path, however, is paved and heavily traveled. My wife and I enjoyed the views but not the crowds. I guess we’re just too spoiled by backcountry trips with barely a soul in sight.

Still, it was a nice time.




Hooray bouldering! Always make time to stop and play.

Sadly, my foot was feeling it though at the end of the day.

So, in the interest of “giving back” to the general information pool of the online running community, let’s talk about my fabulous feet.


  • Pain epicenter – ball of the foot, behind the left big toe. Specifically, the area of the sesamoid bones.
  • Pain when standing, pressing weight down, but not so much when walking.

So I Googled, researched, and studied. I pressed, prodded and poked my feet in a thorough assessment of my pain and it’s location.

I was terrified it was a fracture that would sideline my running goals for an elongated period of time, but my self diagnosis was not indicative of a fracture. With the American River 50 coming up, I do not have time for injury. After all was said and done, the most likely cause was a sesamoid injury.

Picture!! Thanks to

Sesamoid links! YAY!!

I am not, however, a doctor. Neither is Google.

In a situation like this, I defer to the experts.

Time to stop running and see a doctor.

So I did and he confirmed, thankfully, it was just inflammation of the sesamoid tendons.

Doctor’s Orders:

  • REST. Stop causing the pain.
  • Take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and allow healing.
  • Rest and ice the area.

Follow the doctor’s orders.

So I took a week off. No running, minimal movement, Ibuprofen on the regular, and ice. I rocked my Doc Martens and kept it immobile. Patiences paid off and I could feel it getting better as the days went on.

I wanted to run, I was going crazy. I worried about my training, thinking about the low mileage week. I worried this would set me back, and I would eventually fail in my ultra goals.

My head was spinning, so I quieted it.

#OhThePlacesYoullCrow Yoga challenge on Instagram

#OhThePlacesYoullCrow Yoga challenge on Instagram


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