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July 18 – Rancho Canada del Oro
Troy’s California Trail Runs

There are 50K, 24M, 14M, 9M, and 4.2M races.
I will be running the 50K….come join!


I am not sure what happened, but my “wingedling” account was removed from the Instawebs. Later that weekend, after a fit of desperation, I created a new account “thewingedling” and started the long and arduous task of trying to rebuild my social media presence.

I felt like a chunk was taken out of my life. It hurt, a lot.

Before you mark me as a superficial type of individual, allow me to express my feelings on the matter.

Ultra running, while growing in popularity, is still a niche sport. It is not uncommon to have to try and explain the amazing euphoria that exists beyond 26.2. The community was fantastic. Tribes of runners that spanned geographic boundaries, tied together by a love of long distance running – and horrible cliches within my writing it seems.

The yoga was much in the same. I was challenged constantly to try new poses and routines. To become a better and more sound athlete and person.

Then my account was taken, as was my follow on…and I do not know why.

Customer service for Instagram is horrid.

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