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Finding love in life…again

The last month has been…interesting.

  • Preparing for the arrival of Olivia….
9 months pregnant and running. Born to Run!

9 months pregnant and running. Born to Run!

  • Loosing and trying to rebuild my online circle of runners, yogis, yoginis, and friends…
  • Two weeks, cold rest from my last race….I HATE taking time off from running.
  •  Dealing with the ups and downs of life – the usual friends, family, and work issues many of us face.

Let the metaphors begin

The trick is not to let life take you down. Like a trail race, there are roots, rocks, and snags over every mile ready to trip you up.
There are two requirements to make it through:
1 . Build the strength to be able to move fast and free over and around the obstacles.
2. Should they be too large to pass over, then be resilient enough to make them work for you. Let them make you stronger, vault over them, learn, and continue.

Running 4 miles to find myself, and 4 miles back with company. 

Recently I came across the Runner’s World Cover Search Contest, and entered. Please go vote! You can vote once per day, so vote often!

The story behind the pictures is something of note; I did not want to run. I did not want to take pictures. I did not want to do anything.

I knew I needed to go though. I have my path, I need to stay on it. So off I went.


Running at Del Valle Park in Livermore, California.

I ran up the sinuous, mile long incline to the top of the hill near the dam. It was horrid. The last time I ran here, I kicked its ass…..this time, it kicked mine. I walked intervals and felt exhausted and depleted when I got to the top. I had not ran much of anything over the three weeks prior and my heart was not in it.

But getting to the top was a reward.


So off I went, between the wide gravel road, and getting off on the single track when ever I could.

IMG_20150612_192435 IMG_20150612_191931073

I went along, and the single track was nice….but I felt distracted. I felt disconnected. I tried to take pictures for the Runner’s World Cover, but nothing seemed to strike me.

I had miles to go, so I got to it.

I saw a deer and two snakes. I love making “friends” on the trail, and whenever we go out hiking we have a “wildlife” count of various things that move. I went to take a picture of the snake, but my camera activated the front facing camera. I have a picture of the snake, and me looking happily at said snake.


Awwww! A snake!

Awwww! A snake!

I got to the halfway point, where I am usually guaranteed a hell of a view.

Sunset over Del Valle Lake Livermore, California

Sunset over Del Valle Lake Livermore, California

I was not smiling much at this particular moment in the story. I still felt hollow, unsatisfied and empty. I was not enjoying the run. I was not enjoying the afternoon. I was just….moving.

I turned around and headed back. I thought. I cleared my head. I thought some more. I wiped it all clean.

Then in a desperate attempt to get a decent picture for the cover search I took this:

Entry to the Runners World Cover Search

Entry to the Runners World Cover Search

I felt a wave of happiness rush over me. It is a pretty decent picture. In it, I am moving… I am light. I am fast. I am free.

I realized I was lucky to be out there at that moment, to be doing what I loved. It was a beautiful day, and despite everything, I would get through it, because despite the hollow emptiness, I kept moving.

Sometimes…that is all you can do. In a race, in life, in anything.

Just make forward progress.

So I did…and I loved it.

IMG_20150612_195941739 IMG_20150612_195947387 IMG_20150612_200125701_HDR IMG_20150612_200722436_HDR

At the end of my run, I had found what I lost. I was back to me.


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