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DNF: The Rancho Cañada del Oro Race Report

It was going to be difficult month. In June, I was faced with a daunting list of obligations; family, kids, baby, work, household and personal tasks, followed by a myriad of other obligations. The fog was going to push me to my emotional, financial, and time-in-the-day limits. It was going to be a short sprint, lasting … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Body Glide

After a recent Instagram post, someone asked me about Body Glide and its application. Imagine….the Grand Canyon. And….inside of it….is the Old Faithful Geyser. At the end of one end of the canyon is an open plain….an area of flat nothing with just patches of grass. Then…some boulders. You ask yourself….. What do I want … Continue reading

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The CocoNanApple Smoothie and Salt Stick Giveaway

At the Born to Run Extravaganza I received two drinks during my 60 mile attempt that stood out from the rest. The first was a shot of Fireball at mile 20, the officially-unofficial drink of choice for the Born to Run dirtbag. This fueled my soul and spirit. The second was perhaps the greatest thing I … Continue reading


Bucket List? More like ‘Buckle List’.

With the Hardrock and Western States recently in running news, I got to thinking about “the list”. Every runner has one… The running “Bucket List’. Many races make it to the list for the storied history that accompanies them, some for the challenge, Many make the list because, as a runner – it is just “something … Continue reading

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Dear Olivia

It’s 2:46 in the morning, on the Fifth of July. I am tired, but at peace. You are not even a week old, but have already given me so much. I am happy – even as I hold you now, still in the NICU, unable to take you home. You should be home, snuggled up in … Continue reading