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An Introduction to Body Glide

After a recent Instagram post, someone asked me about Body Glide and its application.

Imagine….the Grand Canyon.

And….inside of it….is the Old Faithful Geyser.

At the end of one end of the canyon is an open plain….an area of flat nothing with just patches of grass.

Then…some boulders.

You ask yourself…..
What do I want to take pictures of?
What angles? Every nook and cranny? Or just some wide shots?

Dear readers… want to cover everything.

Old faithful. The canyon. The open plains. Around the boulders.

Be generous.

For the ladies, I hear under bra is the way to go.

Shod runners, I hear applying BodyGlide to your feet prevents blisters; “All over them, and between the toes…”
On the other hand…not wearing shoes will help eliminate blisters as well, but that’s just my barefoot, sandal wearing bias…

I personally know many other runners who apply it to their arms, arm pits, vest/quiver/hydration pack ‘rub’ areas, and any place else that may experience friction.

Once I forgot my body Glide, and had to break into the family medical kit to use single use packets of antibiotic ointment – just for the petroleum jelly content, to use as lubrication.

Why Body Glide over petroleum jelly?
– Non-greasy
– Won’t stain clothing
– Easy to apply
– Waterproof, but washes off easier than petroleum jelly. I will literally need a chemist to explain how this is possible. It’s magical.

Experiencing chafing?
Get it.
Apply it.
Keep moving.

Run happy, run strong
– The Winged Ling

I was not asked to review this product, nor am I endorsed by Body Glide. Just a fan of a great product. 

2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Body Glide

  1. Body Glide is a lifesaver in the South! Thunder thighs have been known to catch fire in this heat and humidity.

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