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5 Sept 2015 Updates

The last month has brought challenges and celebrations…it has been an intense end to a wonderful summer.

  • My laptop hard drive died. This made life exceptionally difficult. I am now just getting it all back on track. Fortunately I am a computer geek by day so I am saving a lot of heartache and money doing my own data recovery.

  • The summer ended with my kids. They are back at mom’s and off to a new school year. Sad to see them go – the house is far too empty without them, but we had an exceptional summer. Olivia is keeping us busy though!
Olivia fussing at Mount Lassen

Olivia fussing at Mount Lassen

  • I have ramped up my training for the fall race season, details below in the next section!
  • I have a few neat stories, pages, and blog additions coming….stay tuned!


Race Updates!

Golden Valley Harriers Labor Day Races

Golden Valley Harriers Labor Day Races

Sep 07 – Labor Day Races 10K – Hosted by the Golden Valley Harriers (who sponsor a WSER aid station) – The wife and I will be running together, while I push our darling Olivia in the BOB stroller!

Intrepid Adventures' Loco 200 Relay!

Intrepid Adventures’ Loco 200 Relay!

Sep 11 – Intrepid Adventures’ Loco 200 Relay – I will be taking on a few segments for Team Reagan as part of a 12 runner team with some friends from previous adventures!

Troy's California Trail Runs

Troy’s California Trail Runs

Sep 19 – Lover’s Leap of Faith 50K – another amazing race from the good folks at tctruns.com 

Dick Collins Firetrails 50

Dick Collins Firetrails 50

Oct 10 – Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Mile – My first, joining some bay area friends Jake and Carina

Rio Del Lago 100

Rio Del Lago 100

Nov 07Rio Del Lago – My first 100 miler and the apex of the goal I set for myself last year.

After that? ¿Quien sabe?

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