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Barefoot Marathon Man Dean Fulton

The whole issue with the barefooting was interesting to me.  I got lots of comments of course, mostly based on some form of “I could never do that!”, but for me it’s all just about the running and the fact that I’m barefoot is entirely secondary to me.  There’s nothing at all heroic or brave or amazing about running barefoot.  It’s just a simpler way of running that makes lots of sense the more you think about it.

-Dean Fulton

Dean Fulton running the 2015 Santa Rosa marathon barefoot

Dean Fulton running the 2015 Santa Rosa Marathon barefoot.

Congratulations to Dean for knocking out a full marathon, on pavement! A true test of a barefoot runner’s technique.

1. When did you get into running, and why?
I ran 1 year of track during my senior year of HS, got pretty decent at hurdles and that was about it other than maybe a few miles a week here and there.  In 2007 at a race on Mare Island I ran the 2 mile kids run with one of my sons and realized that I was really out of shape running-wise.  Ever since then I’ve kept a running log and have tried to get faster at the 5k distance, more recently the 10k, and now the marathon.  I’m guessing I’ll go back to the shorter distances based on the time commitment – but you never know.

2. Favorite moment running, or experience on a run?
Finishing the SR Marathon in my goal time.  4 months of prep and I ended up with 2 minutes to spare. There was so much that could have gone wrong.  Keeping up with and finally passing that pony-tailed girl was a highlight.  There’s a strange connection you get with someone when you spend 3-1/2 hours pounding the pavement within shouting distance of each other.

3. What other hobbies do you have?
I sail, snowboard.  I used to windsurf, but then I had kids.

4. Next race?
Boston.  The Benicia for Education 5k/10k, which I’ve run all 7 years that it’s been in existence, will have to take a back seat this year since it’s just before Patriot’s Day.

5. Running goals? Race bucket list, times….
Run a 5k < 19 minutes; run a 10k < 41 minutes

6. Favorite beer?
Racer5 IPA.  Mostly because it’s what we drank when I took a short cruise on my buddy’s sailboat up the Delta.  Tastes and smells always bring back memories.

Dean Fulton running the 2015 Santa Rosa marathon barefoot

Dean Fulton running the 2015 Santa Rosa marathon barefoot

Dean was the winner to the SaltStick giveaway from a few weeks ago. Life happened, and I finally got to a point were I was able to pick a winner from the Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter entries, and now am catching up on posting this! A little behind, but life presents obstacles all the time – having the ability to overcome them and accomplish the task at hand is the crucible of character – much like endurance running. The test of spirit is the draw for most of us, after all.

Enjoy the capsules and run strong, and run happy!

SaltStick Plus

SaltStick Plus

Run Happy,

– The Winged Ling

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