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Oct 28, 2015 Updates!

Coming soon!

Life Happens!

I have been extremely busy lately – work, family, and other obligations. I would rather release a late race report than a halfhearted one. The experience of an ultra is something that takes time to recover from – mentally and physically. Ensuring I have processed the experience fully to provide the most insightful, entertaining, and educational account is my primary objective. Ultra-trail running is not all about splits and pace – its about finding yourself at the end of a very long and difficult journey.

…and now, for something completely different.

The missus ran the Total Body Fitness Sierra Trail Half Marathon, the weekend after I ran the FLUTYolo Brewing was on hand with the good stuff. Olivia and I hung out and and had cinnamon roll french toast at a local resturant. It was…decadent.

The Sierra Trail half marathon/5k post race meal included grilled burgers, chicken, and pasta with beer…what’s not to love? I recently did the Gold Rush 10K with TBF. If you enjoy trail races, duathalons, and triathlons in the Folsom/Sacramento area…check them out.

Olivia and Mommy's medal

Olivia and Mommy’s medal

Also, we got a second furry ball of death.

Sally the Cat

Stay tuned for more!

-The Winged Ling

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