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Reflections on ‘ Clif Bar Presents: An Evening with Scott Jurek’

Clif Bar An Evening with Scott Jurek

Clif Bar: An Evening with Scott Jurek

On October 1st, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an event in which Scott Jurek would be recounting stories from his recent Appalachian Trail FTK success.

The event was hosted by Clif Bar, with Timmy O’Neill as the MC, and included Jenny Jurek and the rest of Scott’s AT crew to share in the fun.



Although the event ran long, Scott still took the time to talk to everyone who waited after to meet the ultra running legend, while Timmy O’Neill and the Clif Bar Band, rocked out…..maybe the “Rock Climbers”? Clif Rocks? There’s a good name somewhere in there…


Scott Jurek and me…I had to get the book signed.

I won’t try to narrate in detail the evening’s events, it was just one of those things you had to be there for.

There were fantastic stories, hearty laughs, somber recollections, and insightful reflections from the 2,175 mile journey. He is unsure if he will write a book on the adventure, but as this was to be his “masterpiece“, I would wager the idea will grow.

I will say this, however: For all the limelight, fame, and attention – Jurek is still a very humble guy. He appreciates his fans, and brings honor to his sponsors; but at the end of it all, he is just a guy who just wants to be out running trails.

If you missed the event…

Zach The Good Badger is a blogger that put together a fantastic video interview series with Scott, that covers his time on the trail, in his own words. Go grab some vegan snacks, a cold beverage, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Video Interview with Scott here

More on the AT officially heregenerally here, and here.

A big THANK YOU to Clif Bar for hosting the event, and sponsoring some amazing athletes. They inspire the rest of us to do great things.

Thank you to Ultimate Direction, Brooks, and Pro-Tec for sponsoring the journey, and Luis Escobar for his fantastic photographic documentation of the trip.

The support van

The support van

Run Happy,
– The Winged Ling

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