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Hats off to Runyon Canyon Apparel

Named for the Runyon Canyon of Southern California, Runyon Canyon Apparel specializes in…well….being wild.

Runyon Canyon Apparel lets you express your commitment to outdoor fitness and American Made quality.

Inspired by the Urban Wilderness of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles we’re dedicated to dressing your inner wild.

In middle school I wore hats.

I suppose for fashion and functionality, but it was short lived. I gave up hats before high school, and never looked back. I generally disliked wearing hats, and preferred the freedom of an uncovered head. Then in a logical move, I joined the military to wear hats as often as possible.

When I picked up running again later in life, I found I had a very good heat exchange through sweat. Unfortunately I am a salty sweater and it would get into my eyes and the salt would hurt like the dickens.

Enter: The Bandanna

I do love them so. They keep the sweat out of my eyes, and allow me to have an open head to vent heat. They’re also a neat way to add flair to your running wardrobe, if you’re into that kind of thing.


This past summer I found out I had a minor astigmatism and required glasses to sharpen my vision. My vision isn’t bad, just a little fuzzy around the edges at a distance. Although I do not need my glasses when I run, I enjoy seeing the world around me clearly. By the time the Folsom Lake Ultra Trail rolled around, I still did not have prescription sunglasses so I was going to be wearing my regular specs, sans polarized protection. Running 68 miles is a long time to be squinting in the sunlight, so I broke out an old friend. A TMNT hat from 1990.



It was awesome.

My face was shaded, I didn’t end up with an outline of a bandanna in my sun tan, the sweat was kept at bay, and the ability to put ice in it at every aid station was amazing.

While thin enough to pass as a running hat, it is 25 years old and showing its age. I was sold on the idea of headgear while running and I needed a new hat.

Flipping my Lid

Rad Reflective Burnt Woods Camp Hat

Rad Reflective Burnt Woods Camp Hat

I found Runyon on Instagram, and was intrigued. . Great looking gear and the “Made in America” really caught my eye. They had a fantastic Veteran’s Day sale and I jumped on it, settling on the Reflective Burnt Woods Camp Hat.

I was impressed.

  • Rip-stop fabric of amazing feel, comfort, and construction
  • Reinforced seams
  • Breathable
  • Reflective, for my night running
  • Adjustable, without the risk of wearing down on the clasp
  • Washable
  • Durable

Great product, great price. Overall a fantastic value; I will certainly be looking at more of their gear in the months to come.

If you are thinking about running gear as a gift, or just a new addition to your own kit for next season, check out Runyon.

You won’t be disappointed.


Run Happy,

-The Winged Ling

Note: I was not offered products, discounts, or any reimbursement for this review. The opinions expressed are completely my own. I just really liked the hat. 



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