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The Trail Ahead

Big things for 2016

Honey Stinger Hive

I am proud to announce I was selected for the Honey Stinger 2016 Hive Sponsorship program. I’m a Honey Stinger Athlete!


Honey Stinger Hive

What is your favorite Stinger flavor?

You can get an array of their products at most running stores as well as REI.


Reviews and Giveaways!

More product reviews and more SaltStick giveaways – coming soon.

We’re Moving!

Not far though- we love Northern California. We will be moving from Sacramento to the SF Bay Area in the beginning of February, so we may or may not make the Sweet Water Trail Run.

Race calendar updates!

The Lover’s Leap was amazing…that is the one where I dodged the rattle snake – Video here, and more pictures over on Facebook.

A 100 mile distance may be added for 2016. Anyone else want to join for 100 miles in the Sierras in September? 100K?


I will be doing trail work as a requirement for the TRT100, but also plan on volunteering at an event this year.

So many people have helped make so many events memoriable,  I would like to return the favor.


Any other races I need to run this year?
Are YOU going to be at any of these? What are YOU running?
Leave it below!

Run Happy,

– The Winged Ling

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