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The one thing I hope to never use

I love to run at night – it’s peaceful.

My wife worries when I do though, and prefers me to run in the day light hours or with bright colored clothing.

Despite the best intentions, people can still make bad choices. One time, I was at a cross walk, just blocks from home late one evening. The roads were almost empty, but I waited at the cross walk all the same. When the “Walk” signal illuminated, beckoning me across 5 lanes of two way traffic lanes, I heard an engine race.

I paused.

It was a car approaching the intersection without an ounce of hesitation in the hum of the motor. The driver blasted through the red light, and across my lane of travel. If I had had headphones in, or was any more tired than I had been – I would not be here typing this now.


A few months ago I came third overall at a local 10k and walked away with a sweet prize pack that included a RoadID coupon. Not one to pass up on a good deal, I picked up a Wrist ID Elite.



It arrived in a nifty tin, with a large rubber wristband that you cut to size yourself. A few test fits and cuts later, and I was ready to go.

It’s comfortable and the wears well. The rubber wristband, however, does not stretch with wear, so make sure you know your fit when you trim it to length.

The clasp is extremely well made, and the material is high quality. I would say I am pleased with the purchase.


Of all the gear I have gotten for my running, this is one item I hope never sees use.

Regardless, I will keep it on.

Run Happy,

– The Winged Ling


One thought on “The one thing I hope to never use

  1. Based on the experience you mentioned maybe add as another no-no, head phones. If you had been wearing them you wouldn’t have heard that car. Music doesn’t belong on a beach, in the woods, or on a trail. Enjoy the sounds of nature instead. It seems to go against everything you are doing?

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