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Moving Forward

The last few months have been a roller coaster.

We moved.

10,000 pounds of stuff in four trips to two storage units taught me we have too much.

But there was peace when it was done.


Empty house, open heart.


Sacramento was wonderful, but now that we are closer to the Bay, we have more time for family, more time for each other, and more time for ourselves.


Del Valle Regional Park, Livermore CA

We also found a fantastic Yoga studio, Dragonfly, come join if you are in the area.

This is a short entry, but one I felt was due. Life brings changes, hardships, obstacles, and changes of direction to everyone. I have been so busy my training has laxed and I am worried about my preparedness and training for the Lake Sonoma 50, and beyond. Things happen, life happens, and you adapt and overcome. That is what this is, a statement of adaptation. If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry – we’ll make it.

See you on the trails.



Run Happy

– The Winged Ling

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