Canyons 100K & Tahoe Rim Trail 100 – Training, Camping and BRAND NEW EVENT!

Post Lake Sonoma

After the Lake Sonoma 50, I allowed myself a nice week off to recover. I ate, I slept, I didn’t worry.

The first time back out on  the trail, I felt fantastic.


We have the technology.

Our Work Is Never Over

I have been loosely following Hal Koerner’s 100K training planning, focusing on trying to match the weekly mileage, as my days do not often allow me to run exactly what is on the plan.

My training has been good. I feel good.  I feel like Daft Punk defines my last week, especially on the uphills.


Work It, Make It, Do It, Makes Us.

I feel ready for The Canyons 100K, and no matter how I cross the finish line on May 7, I will be that much more prepared for the suffering to come at the Tahoe Rim Trail 100.

With that said, training continues… and since we will be camping at the Canyons, it’s also time to break out the gear from it’s winter hibernation and shake it out. I would rather make sure everything is where it is supposed to be during a trial run, rather than the weekend of a big event. Soooooo…….

The Sierra Azul Challenge – April 30

The weekend before the Canyons, there is a nice, low key race series held just south of San Jose. There are 5K, 10K, 13.1, 18 mile, and 50K events. I plan on doing the 13.1 as that is a 10 mile day for me.

It looks beautiful. There is even a guided nature walk going on the same time that my wife and daughter will be going to while I stretch my legs on the course.

To make sure our gear is ready for all the summer’s adventures, we’re planning on pitching the tents near by at the Henry Cowell State Park. The reservation system hasn’t opened yet for the season, but the Rangers told me over the phone that the chances of first come first serve spaces are very good for the weekend, especially if you get there Friday night.

Running the Canyons? Come sign up here and get a trial trail training trot in! (heh)


Sierra Azul Preserve


Sierra Azul Preserve

Lover’s Leap of Faith, July 2nd – with BRAND NEW 100 Mile!

With Tahoe Rim Trail 100 in July, there is another opportunity for training in the Sierras in the weeks before. On top of the usually distances, there is a NEW 100 mile event for this year.

I wish I could go out and do the inaugural 100 Mile event. Remember, who ever comes in first sets the course record. It’s going to be awesome. There will be 100M, 100k, 50K, 18 Mile, 13.1, 10K, 5K events – fun for everyone!

As I signed up for the TRT100 before this was put on the books, I cannot make the full 100 distance which means a few things:
        1) I can run the 50K or shorter for a training run, and/or..
2) Hang out, crew, volunteer, or even run sweeper for my training miles. (Volunteering is a good thing!)
3) I can pace or crew for YOU! Drop me a line here, via email, or on social media and we’ll hash out the details.

Here are some shots I took of the area while doing the 50K event of the same race series last year.

Come on out, and have a good time. Run your first, or 100th 100. Bring the family, dig the lodge, have a good hike, a good run, and enjoy.

 Sign up today!




Race details for all the above races can be found at http://tctruns.com/

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Run Happy
-The Winged Ling





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