Closing out 2016, Looking ahead to 2017

Reflections on 2016

I started writing this with a bunch of quantified data from 2016…Then I deleted it all.

I like numbers. I think that tracking them is important to successful training, particularly if you’re busy and need to make sure you’re hitting your targets. But…I do not wish to look at 2016 as a “miles ran” and “feet climbed”.

I was privileged enough to be able  to run spectacular miles along beautiful trails, meet fantastic people along the way, and participate in amazing races. Some better than others. Leading up to Tahoe, my training felt strong and I won a 50k in Pennsylvania on a family vacation. Tahoe did not go as planned, and that’s another story already told.

 Then I tried to finish off the year with a solid easier 50 Mile only to find myself woefully off course along with dozens off other people, and raced like a madman to beat cutoffs and earn my first DFL.

My non-running life faced challenges of its own. Ups and downs, highs and lows.

This roller coaster culminated in my shifting focus from pursuing my MBA for a few months and studying photography instead. I had never owned more than a basic point and shoot until last fall and have since enjoyed every moment of it.

I took the winter off from running, and spent my time shooting photos, hiking, practicing yoga, and relaxing.

To close out 2016, I’m not going to worry about data, numbers, or the things that do not matter.

Instead, I’ll remember the the things that did.

Looking ahead to 2017

Studying photography has given me the much needed break to re-focus myself (all puns intended, and no apologies made).

I also discovered Bullet Journalling. Look into it, you’ll thank yourself. It’s organized, organic, and therapeutic.

We picked up a used, 20 year old Precor treadmill from Craigslist that’s built like a tank. It isn’t feature rich, but has good incline and a small decline, and I am happy as a clam.

Spending a lot of training miles on the treadmill and getting to the wilds of the East Bay atop Mount Diablo for long weekend runs has done wonders for my legs and soul. I’m ready for the year to come. I have already accepted not every race will go to plan, but I’ll go in mindfully, and with the best intentions – and that’s good enough for me.

Trail therapy on Mount Diablo

Trail therapy on Mount Diablo

See you on the trails ahead.

– The Winged Ling

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