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I Ran A Half Marathon Today With Someone Else’s Bib.

That’s right. I said it.

I’m a Dirty Bib Pirate.

This is my first time as a DBP, but I am not ashamed.
On Friday night, I got a text from a friend.

His son was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was due to start treatment on Monday, and his nephew was being taken off life support after a battle with Melanoma.

His son recently graduated Berkeley, and his nephew was 33 – a year older than me.

With all this going on in his life he didn’t have the time, and his heart wasn’t in it. I couldn’t blame him.

I emailed The RunLiv staff, but they could not accommodate a bib transfer.

So I ran it anyway.

I didn’t win. I wasn’t going to win. I ran with my driver’s license and RoadID incase something happened to me.


Go ahead and write the Livermore Half Marathon staff and get the results stricken. Have me banned from sanctioned road events, and place an asterisk next to my name. Here is their email: info@raceforce.com

Or not.

Instead, take that same time and do something better, for you, the people you care about, and people you have never even met – but could save.

  • Call your doctor. Right now. Schedule a physical. Get  your bloodwork done. Take care of your loved ones by taking care of yourself.
  • Take pictures of your moles and spots next to a ruler. Keep the files somewhere safe. Check them every 6 months.
  • Read up on melanoma
  • Donate to the cancer foundation of your choice. Do your research first.
  • Join the bone marrow registry, or even organizing a group registration drive. It’s easy.
  • Consider donating to Brenton’s GoFundMe, because radiation isn’t what a 22 year old Berkley should be doing with his time.


Please Click Here to Donate


Thank you.

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