Race Reports

2017 Tahoe 200 Mile Endurance Run – on 20 miles of training…a Month

The first time I saw the 200 mile distance on Ultrasignup my mind was blown.

I still remember it; a picture of Catra Corbett cruising along single track on some mountaintop with Lake Tahoe down in the distance.

I had heard of and read about plenty of stage races before, but something about seeing that just boggled my mind in a new and exciting way. I knew I had to do it…one day…

2016 wasn’t a bad year. It wasn’t outstanding, but it was pretty good. I completed the TRT 100 but wanted more.

I signed up the week it went live, and built my year around it. I wanted a ticket for the States lotto, but that was second to my goal in completing the Tahoe 200. I was hungry for that buckle.

The months leading up to Tahoe ended up as some of my worst. My depression spiked hard, work became a nightmare, and my personal life seemed to be crumbling around me. Through all of it; my sleep decreased and my physical health deteriorated along with it. I ended up with a debilitating piriformis syndrome.

I rolled it every day. I saw my doctor, took meds, took standing and walking breaks when I could while at work – but I just couldn’t shake it.

My training was reduced to nothing for days and weeks on end. In the month before the race, my longest run came in at a paltry 10 miles. I ran about 20-30 miles all month in total. Most of it was walk/running on the treadmill with rolling breaks. I was terrified I was going to fail.

The rolling and stretching helped, and two days before the race I felt alright. I kicked out a 5 mile run on the treadmill and accepted my state.

It was do or die.

Thanks to the ARMY of staff and volunteers that make this incredible event happen.

I’ll see you all again… and at the finish… in 2018.

-The Winged Ling