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Western States Dreams at The 2017 Cuyamaca 100K

With a heavy heart and rested feet from the Tahoe 200 failure,  I was ready to go for my second big goal of the year: a lotto ticket for the Western States at the Cuyamaca 100K.

I had originally signed up for the event hours before Annika was born – sitting in a chair next to my wife at the hospital the day registration opened. We talked about making it a nice family trip, getting an AirBnB by the ocean and spending a few days post-race beach side.

After life threw a few curve balls, we sadly put that vacation back on the shelf, and I got a ticket to fly down the day before the race, and fly back the day after. In, run, out.

The trip was fun, except getting sick from bad water at the Four Peaks brewing in the Phoenix airport. I brought it to the attention of the staff and they didn’t really care.

Race day was met with GI issues…outside the norm (for race day)…..so I’m pretty sure I was dealing with that funky mess for the duration of the event.

The race was great, well staffed, well stocked, and well marked.

I came in later than I wanted, but chalking it up to heat and stomach issues I still ended up with my ticket.

Running with my fellow bay area buddy GregoryTheElder and his pacer Shelly Howe got me through the last few miles. I really owe it to them!

Here is it is in all it’s cinematic glory, enjoy.


Thanks to the staff, volunteers, sponsors and runners. I had a great time.

See you on the trails ahead!

-The Winged Ling