Race Reports

Not Your Average Date – The North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon

Date of Race: 19 Nov 2017
Just a few months after our first child (my fourth) was born, Liz ran her first marathon at the California International Marathon. She nabbed her first ultra with a 50k finish the following summer, and then it was on to baby number two. We welcomed our second child this year, and Liz was hungry for her first 50 mile finish.
The North Face Endurance Challenge made a perfect candidate. Especially with the updated course that was to end with the final few miles from Marin over the Golden Gate Bridge. The thought of running over the GGB at sunset after an epic 50 mile adventure together seemed perfect.
But…these are the silly ideas of parents.
Children and life always have ideas of their own.
Liz had ran all the way through her first pregnancy, but couldn’t this time around. It was a hard pregnancy followed by a lot of sleepless nights – Annika was harder than Olivia in a lot of ways – my own training and race issues and we just didn’t have it in us to go the full 50 mile distance.
We debated doing the 50k or marathon, but decided to just have fun. We dropped to the half marathon and decided to make a leisurely date of it. Big thanks to the registration crew for facilitating the distance transfer request, it was really easy and they were a big help.
I had just gotten a GoPro Hero 5 from a solid Craigslist find, so I’ll end the text here, and tell the story through a movie instead.

WOW. A huge kudos to North Face for putting together an incredibly well managed event. Parking, busing, people-moving/management, coordination, aid – just wow.

Live bands, too!

This race has a big draw, and requires a sort of big-city-marathon approach that North Face has executed seamlessly on the trails. It may not have the cozy feeling of a ‘smaller’ trail race, but certainly makes for a great event. We look forward to doing the 50 miler next time.

Earth Runners and The North Face ECS hardware

A match made in heaven – Earth Runners and The North Face ECS hardware.

– The Winged Ling