Western States Dreams at The 2017 Cuyamaca 100K
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Western States Dreams at The 2017 Cuyamaca 100K

With a heavy heart and rested feet from the Tahoe 200 failure,¬† I was ready to go for my second big goal of the year: a lotto ticket for the Western States at the Cuyamaca 100K. I had originally signed up for the event hours before Annika was born – sitting in a chair next … Continue reading

The Tahoe Rim Trail 100 – A Voyage Among The Stars
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The Tahoe Rim Trail 100 – A Voyage Among The Stars

When I first fell in love with ultra running, I was doing laps around Kandahar Air Field behind a chain link fence, through clouds of dust kicked up convoys going to and coming from hell.

There were no bears, rattlesnakes, mountain lions or skunks to run from. Instead I broke protocol and ran through the darkness along a stretch of road called snipers alley – a place where only a long passage of chain link fence separates you from the outside world and a sniper could pick you off with little effort.

There was no finish line for my first ultra. I ran through the night, under the blanket of darkness over the war-zone until I ran over 30 miles after the sun rose again. There was no beer, no burritos, no celebration; only a tent with dodgy air conditioning and work the next day. Continue reading

Make Ultrarunning Great Again
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Make Ultrarunning Great Again

Policy changes, cultural shifts, laws and regulations, financial costs…..These are things most runners cannot agree on….and things most politicians don’t understand.

As we move towards the future, we must ask ourselves:

How can we improve the sport of Mountain Ultra Trail Running? Continue reading

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Aid Station Advice, or, Sound Sage Words from SweetWater

With the Lake Sonoma 50, Gorge Waterfalls, Leona Divide 50, North Face Challenge, Brazos Bend, and so many other races in the coming days and weeks; I would like to turn back the clock to Jan 30, 2016.     The days flew by on the calendar, closer and closer to the big day. Until, … Continue reading

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Hats off to Runyon Canyon Apparel

In middle school I wore hats.

I suppose for fashion and functionality, but it was short lived. I gave up hats before high school, and never looked back. I generally disliked wearing hats, and preferred the freedom of an uncovered head. Then in a logical move, I joined the military to ware hats as often as possible. Continue reading

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Sacramento Beat the Blerch 2015

Beat the Blerch Guest Report by Mrs Winged Ling (aka almostwonderwoman)….

I was thrilled to be running the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon. I read the comics, got a costume, talked people from work into running it. In the interest of journalistic integrity I would have to admit to being a Blerch fangirl.

As many fangirls and boys have found out, sometimes you should never meet your heroes. Continue reading

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2015 Folsom Lake Ultra Trail 110K Race Report

Date of Race: 10 Oct 2015 A Change of Plans… I had intended to close out 2015 with my first 100 mile distance, the Rio Del Lago – ¬†accomplishing an incredible distance, on a beautiful course, in a scenic location, while taking home my first buckle, and a WSER ticket to boot. It was the … Continue reading

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Reflections on ‘ Clif Bar Presents: An Evening with Scott Jurek’

On October 1st, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an event in which Scott Jurek would be recounting stories from his recent Appalachian Trail FTK success….

There were amazing stories, laughs, somber recollections, and insightful reflections from the 2175 mile journey.
Continue reading