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Gold Rush 10 Mile / 5K Trail Run Race Report

Honey, wake up. It’s almost six o’clock. *%$#. One four-letter-expletive later, and I was up out of bed and moving. Dressed for the day with coffee in hand, I grabbed my gear bag and ran to the car. Folsom Lake, here I come. Super September Yolo Brewing and Total Body Fitness, two local Sacramento area … Continue reading

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The Lover’s Leap of Faith 50K Race Report

The Mountains Are Calling If I don’t run (almost) daily I go crazy. It’s my stress release at the end of a day. However, trotting around the ‘burbs day in and day out doesn’t do it for me either. I have to get out, and get wild. Mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, oceans – the deeper into … Continue reading

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Barefoot Marathon Man Dean Fulton

The whole issue with the barefooting was interesting to me.  I got lots of comments of course, mostly based on some form of “I could never do that!”, but for me it’s all just about the running and the fact that I’m barefoot is entirely secondary to me.  There’s nothing at all heroic or brave or … Continue reading

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One Crazy Day – The Loco 200 (partial) Race Report

The Pre-ramble I was, then I wasn’t. Then I was again. Then I wasn’t. The Loco 200 Relay was something I first stumbled upon months ago one night on Facebook. I struck up a conversation with the RD about building a team and I played with the idea on and off for a while. It … Continue reading

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2015 GVH Labor Day Races – 10K Race Report

Davis is a wonderful city. In 1966, city planners began adding bicycle lanes to the streets, driving a cultural identity that would further shape the city for decades to come. There are now over 100 miles of Bike Lanes and Bike Paths throughout the City and surrounding area, and these miles of pathways are shared by walkers … Continue reading

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5 Sept 2015 Updates

The last month has brought challenges and celebrations…it has been an intense end to a wonderful summer. My laptop hard drive died. This made life exceptionally difficult. I am now just getting it all back on track. Fortunately I am a computer geek by day so I am saving a lot of heartache and money … Continue reading

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How to Tell if You’re a Salty Sweater (Or Not)

Happy Friday! I have been invited to write a guest post for the SaltStick #30SaltyDays campaign! They have some amazing recipes, training tips, and general nutrition information to keep you at the top of your game. Read here, and head over there! Run Happy! How to Tell if You’re a Salty Sweater 1. Look in the … Continue reading

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DNF: The Rancho Cañada del Oro Race Report

It was going to be difficult month. In June, I was faced with a daunting list of obligations; family, kids, baby, work, household and personal tasks, followed by a myriad of other obligations. The fog was going to push me to my emotional, financial, and time-in-the-day limits. It was going to be a short sprint, lasting … Continue reading