Run Till You Die

Run Till You Die

Run Till You Die This is terrible advice. Then again… the alternative is worse. “I can’t do that.” I hate hearing “I could never do that! Its way farther than I could run.” Maybe they’ll talk about a 10k, a half marathon or even a marathon they’re training for…months down the road. Coach Travis, and … Continue reading

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5 Sept 2015 Updates

The last month has brought challenges and celebrations…it has been an intense end to a wonderful summer. My laptop hard drive died. This made life exceptionally difficult. I am now just getting it all back on track. Fortunately I am a computer geek by day so I am saving a lot of heartache and money … Continue reading

Winged Ling


NEW RACE! July 18 – Rancho Canada del Oro Troy’s California Trail Runs There are 50K, 24M, 14M, 9M, and 4.2M races. I will be running the 50K….come join! NEW SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM! I am not sure what happened, but my “wingedling” account was removed from the Instawebs. Later that weekend, after a fit of … Continue reading