The Tahoe Rim Trail 100 – A Voyage Among The Stars
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The Tahoe Rim Trail 100 – A Voyage Among The Stars

When I first fell in love with ultra running, I was doing laps around Kandahar Air Field behind a chain link fence, through clouds of dust kicked up convoys going to and coming from hell.

There were no bears, rattlesnakes, mountain lions or skunks to run from. Instead I broke protocol and ran through the darkness along a stretch of road called snipers alley – a place where only a long passage of chain link fence separates you from the outside world and a sniper could pick you off with little effort.

There was no finish line for my first ultra. I ran through the night, under the blanket of darkness over the war-zone until I ran over 30 miles after the sun rose again. There was no beer, no burritos, no celebration; only a tent with dodgy air conditioning and work the next day. Continue reading


Canyons 100K & Tahoe Rim Trail 100 – Training, Camping and BRAND NEW EVENT!

The weekend before the Canyons, there is a nice, low key race series held just south of San Jose. There are 5K, 10K, 13.1, 18 mile, and 50K events. I plan on doing the 13.1 as that is a 10 mile day for me.

It looks beautiful. There is even a guided nature walk going on the same time that my wife and daughter will be going to while I stretch my legs on the course….
…Since we’re camping at the Canyons 100K, it’s also time to break out the gear from it’s winter hibernation and shake it out. I would rather make sure everything is where it is supposed to be during a trial run, rather than the weekend of a big event…. Continue reading