Ultramarathon Event Checklist

Pre-Race ‘Admin’ Prep (24-48 hours from race)

  • Last minute check of website / Facebook for race information/last minute changes
  • Re-read online course and event info. You may have missed something!
    • Aid station layout
    • Dropbag locations
    • Course maps / elevation profile.
  • Check email for last minute emails from the RD. Check spam folder – use the search feature!
  • Check weather report – adjust clothing as needed!
  • Go shopping for any last minute supplies.

If you haven’t done it yet….

Plan your race

You don’t have to be an elite to plan your race strategy  – even if it’s “beat the cut-offs”, a good plan will help you get to the finish line.

  • Familiarize yourself with cut-off times. You hopefully have an idea on your expected pace based on training, course length, and elevation profile – but even if you don’t – know where the cut offs are!
  • Nutrition/Hydration requirements. How far is each aid station? How long will it take you to get between them? What is the weather?
    • Is a single handheld good enough or do you need two? A pack/vest?
    • How many calories will you need for the whole race? What are the on-course offerings? Do you have dietary restrictions? How many will you need between aid stations and will you need to bring them with you?


Planning Your Ultramarathon Event

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